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JLE Central Office is in CE-305

* Taylor & Francis Group and the JLE are members of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

                       Enrique G. Murillo, Jr.             Editor


                       René Antrop-González             Associate Editor


                      Margarita Machado-Casas         Associate Editor


                       Corinne Martínez                    Associate Editor



                       Juan Sánchez Muñoz              Associate Editor


               Ruth Trinidad Galván              Associate Editor



                       Sofia A. Villenas                      Associate Editor



                       Vacant                            Managing Editor



LEAD Projects Staff:

Mario Lario Castellano, Assistant to the Director,

Vacant, Outreach and Information

Stephanie Martinez / Aurora Vilchis, Fiscal Coordinators' emails:


                       Publishing Company's Central Office is located at:

                                        Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

                                         325 Chestnut Street, Suite 800

                                         Philadelphia, PA 19106

                         Taylor & Francis PRODUCTION EDITOR

                                      Brian Maloney (handles the content)

                         Taylor & Francis MANAGING EDITOR

                                      Ivy Gray-Klein (handles the publisher's day-to-day management of the JLE)

                         Taylor & Francis EDITORIAL ASSISTANT

                                    Education and Arts & Humanities

                                   Jacob Allison (handles editorial board and contact information changes, payments, website updates, conference planning, and any general questions or concerns) 

Taylor & Francis PRODUCTION EDITOR Elizabeth Kerr, Production Supervisor

Taylor & Francis MARKETING

Veronica Sydnor

Robin Castorina

Brian Evans