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-- Format
Note: Prepare manuscripts according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Special consideration is given only for creative and literary works whose work is not appropriately covered by APA.
      -- 8 ½ x 11-inch non-smear paper of good quality     -- Times typeface     -- 12-point font size
      -- Double-spaced (all components of the manuscript – including references)      -- 1-inch margin on all sides
      -- Pages numbered in sequence (starting with the title page) -- Spell Check / Proofread  -- Clean of all irrelevant codes

-- Order and Elements
Note: Arrange the pages as follows, as applicable to your manuscript. These elements will be rearranged to compose your printed article.
Make sure your manuscript is complete and internally consistent, and in concordance of all applicable elements.
Reviews and Alternative Formats need only at minimum; Title Page and Text Pages (and References if manuscript contains citations).
    -- Title Page     -- Title (10 - 12 words)

    -- Names and Affiliations (if university, include BOTH university and Dept./College)
    -- Request for Reprints Statement (include a statement that reads as such):
            “Requests for reprints should be sent to lead author’s name, affiliation, address and email ”
    -- Abstract Page    --Abstract (100 words max)
    -- 6 Key Words (describing your manuscript) These words will be used for identification and to ensure proper indexing
   -- Text Pages        -- Begin the text on a new page. The sections of the text follow each other without a break
   -- References   -- Start the reference list on a new page

   -- Check that all elements of a reference are included, and written in APA style
   -- Cross-check that all references are cited both in the text and in the reference list, and that both the citation and  

       reference list entries agree in spelling and in date
   -- Appendixes    -- Begin each one on a separate page
   -- Author Note (section is optional, for any authors’ notes and/or acknowledgments)     -- Begin on a separate page
   -- Footnotes     -- Use superscript numbers to cite footnotes

   --Type all on a separate page (not at the bottom of the pages on which they are cited)
   -- Tables       -- Numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text
   -- Identified by the word Table and an arabic numeral      -- Each on a separate page

   -- Tables must be on diskette as well as hard copy     -- Figure Captions    -- Listed together, all on a separate page
   -- Figures (graphs, pictures or drawings)

   -- Numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text
   -- Identified by the word Figure and an arabic numeral      -- Each on a separate page

-- Camera-ready Figures or Glossies

Note: All original figures in reproducible form, and with photocopies. Good quality hard copies of ALL artwork must be submitted with manuscripts, as well as electronic versions if available, BUT ALWAYS hard copies! T&F can obtain the best reproduction from original ink drawings, laser or ink-jet prints, and photographs with glossy finish. Photocopies, dot matrix prints, and matte-finish photographs will reproduce poorly.)

-- Copies of Permission Obtained for Any Previously Published Material
Note: You are responsible for obtaining written permission for reprinted or adapted figures and tables, and previously published single-source quotes of 500 words or more.

-- 2 Hard Copies of Final Manuscript

-- Hard Copy of Authors' Data Form (must include data for each and every contributing author)

-- PC CD or Diskette Containing Three Electronic Files
      -- One file of final manuscript saved as Word, formatted for IBM computer
      -- The same file saved as rich text, as a back-up if we are unable to read the native file produced by your word processor

      -- Electronic version of the information from the authors' data form
      -- Let us know computer type, word processor, version number, and file names
      --Make sure the content of the files exactly matches that of the printed, accepted, finalized manuscript

-- Publication Agreement (signed by each and every contributing author)

-- Return entire package to:
        Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D., Editor


        College of Education

        California State University San Bernardino

        5500 University Parkway

        San Bernardino, CA 92407-2397